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IP Phones Can Lower Costs

IP phones using voice over internet (VOIP) technology can be your portal to a more efficient and less expensive way of doing business.

"IP phone," "IP telephony" and "VOIP" are often used interchangeably, but they are distinct terms. VOIP can be thought of as the vehicle that transports digital information. IP telephony is the overall description of communicating by telephone using internet protocols. IP phones, on the other hand, are the hardware used to begin, or complete, the process.

The technology has existed since the mid-1990s, but in recent years, telephone service that is routed through the internet is increasingly replacing public switched telephone networks for businesses of all sizes in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties. Why?

Cost is the biggest factor. Businesses can reduce phone bills dramatically because often the only cost is the price of the internet connection. A long distance call, even an international one, costs the same as a local call.

IP phones are connected to a router, which in turn is connected to an information-sharing network. Features available on public switched phone networks, such as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and conference calling, are available on IP phone systems. Upper-end models can include LCD screens for video support that is even available in high definition.

The Flexibility of IP Phones

Don't worry if customers or other businesses you may be calling haven't caught up to today's technology; it works regardless of whether the person you are trying to reach has it or a landline. By encrypting data in outgoing calls and unencrypting data on the receiving end, business calls remain confidential. The technology is also portable; employees who work from home can access the office through their own IP phones.

A company that understands the intricacies of telecommunications through experience is best suited to help your business transition from landline phones to an IP phones system. DIGICOM technicians are constantly trained to remain abreast of the evolving nature of technology. For our customers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego counties, we offer professional installation and solutions that are custom-made to fit their unique needs.