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VOIP Phones: a Boon in Tough Times

Voice over internet protocol, or VOIP, is one of the fastest growing trends in the telecommunications. And it makes more sense than ever for your business. Here's why.

VOIP phones allow you to make calls through the internet, as opposed to using traditional phones that are connected into jack in the wall. This means you can place international calls for the same price as a local call. Thus, VOIP phones are a great solution for any individual or company making international calls, or the savvy business seeking savings in difficult economic times.

You can call Madrid but get charged the same low rate as if you were calling the town next to yours. It's this convenience and low cost that has made VOIP a popular option for many businesses, small and large, in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego.

Homes and businesses can save a great deal, in some cases up to 80 percent, by switching to voice over internet protocol. That is the primary reason the technology has grown in popularity the last several years. Online instant messenger services such as MSN or Skype employ VOIP technology because of the low cost and high quality of the audio.

VOIP also works regardless of whether the person you are calling uses VOIP phones or a traditional telephone setup. However, VOIP does require broadband internet capability, such as cable or DSL. Internet bandwidth is expanded only slightly, though.

VOIP Phones Can be a Custom Fit

Many of our platforms can be converted to VOIP phone systems when you decide you are ready, so your investment in telephone technology is protected. We're on the edge of the latest trends in telecommunications because our staff is continuously trained. We offer fast, professional installation for Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego customers, and custom-design your solution to your specific needs.

Although VOIP phone technology has been around for many years, it's still advancing. The U.S. Senate earlier this year passed a law that requires VOIP providers to ensure 911 emergency access to its callers. Before the law, such access was not guaranteed and a VOIP 911 call could have failed or been routed to an unmanned station.