NEC SV9300

The UNIVERGE SV9300 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich, Unified Communications enabled system that is ideal for medium-sized businesses. The server is designed to help solve today’s communications challenges and is built with your migration path in mind, so you can scale your communications as your business grows.

UNIVERGE SV9300 at a glance:

  1. Versatile architecture able to work as an IP system, digital system or a combination of the two.
  2. A range of mobility apps customizable to meet workforce requirements.
  3. A user-friendly management interface that streamlines system management and maintenance.
  4. 2U 19-inch rack high-availability Appliance Server with redundant power, network ports and Intel® Core CPU Options
  5. IP networked geographical redundancy with alternative MGC’s
  6. Multi-Line SIP Client and multiple SIP carrier support
  7. Wide-range of endpoints for all IP extensions/digital/analog
  8. Seamless and flexible deployment with up to 1,536 IP extensions in one system
  9. Hospitality feature options
  10. Global regulatory and environmental compliances including FCC, UL/CSA , CE Marking, Industry Canada, RoHS, REACH and Section 508 Compliant