VIVOTEK IP Video Surveillance

Founded in 2000, VIVOTEK has become a leading brand in global security surveillance. VIVOTEK has developed comprehensive IP surveillance solutions that encompass its broad range of network cameras, PoE switches, network video recorders, and video management software.

VIVOTEK provides the most extensive line of 180° panoramic solutions in IP surveillance. By covering such a wide view in a single video/image, it provides users with the simplest method for situational surveillance. VIVOTEK's 180° panoramic solutions are available in a wide range of megapixel resolutions and housings, suitable for a diverse range of applications including retail, education, transportation, and many more.

As cloud-based solutions have surged in popularity and there are many reasons to consider a cloud-based surveillance solution, VIVOTEK developed VADP (VIVOTEK Application Development Platform). VADP is an open platform that enables third party partners to upload applications with cloud service into the camera, thus delivering additional added value and flexibility.